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[list][item]Do you believe that students learn at different rates and have different preferential learning styles?[/item]
[item]Do you believe that K-12 education needs to respond to each client?[/item]
[item]Are you interested in creating an environment where each student succeeds?[/item]

Visit [link [Abe Fischler's blog - The Student Is The Class] [link_only]], to discuss a vision and strategy for educational change. This strategy reflects that learning takes place inside and outside of schools and is an individualized process. With more than 1/3 of 9th graders not graduating from high school in the US, we need to have the courage to transform the structure and organisation of our schools.

[heading]Community and Business[/heading]
[list][item]Do you need an educational catalyst?[/item]
[item]Do you have a strategy for change?[/item]
[item]How do you build internal and external commitment?[/item]

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