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What we do

Leadership teams and educational institutions use Abe Fischler’s unique expertise and vision to help them see their internal and external environments differently to solve a major problem or seize a major opportunity. Abe works with the organization to clarify what needs to be done and to develop a strategy for implementing change. Abe collaborates with stakeholders and teams, brings in appropriate experts, monitors progress and results and makes it happen.

[heading]One-on-One Advice[/heading]
Abe meets with top executives to exchange concerns, personal views and advice on crucial questions. The discussion is informal, private and obviously confidential.

[heading]Public Speaking[/heading]
Educational, community and business organizations and associations regularly invite Abe to deliver speeches on education, learning, leadership, change and vision. This learning opportunity can range from a keynote address to a panel of educational, community and business leaders depending on the needs and desires of the organizers.

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