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[heading]Columbians Ahead Of Their Time[/heading]

Columbia 250 celebrated the people and ideas associated with Columbia that have shaped the world and how we see it. Dr. Abraham "Abe" Fischler is regarded as the Father of Nova for his pioneering spirit in taking Nova Southeastern University in Florida on a journey to become a national leader in distance learning. Dr. Fischler began his quest to improve the education system through technology as a high-school science teacher in New York in the 1950s.

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[heading]Enterprise level network[/heading]
How Broward County, Fla. School Leaders have built an enterprise level network at a reasonable cost to Stakeholders, eSchool News, July 2004. “I realized that if we are ever going to have a school that’s responsive to the individual student, we had to [bring technology into the classrooms] as a vehicle to individualize instruction. …”

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